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Monday, June 9, 2014

100 Minute Book Study: Chapter 5

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Writing Time/Direct Instruction in Writing:
So I've been struggling with how the writing time, at the end of the block, will help my students when it isn't followed by the consolidation piece. This chapter has cleared up a lot of my questions.

Writing time is a great time to create clear learning goals and success criteria with the students. Students can share their writing. You can also look at Mentor texts, which is a great way to co-create success criteria. It's also an opportunity to look at exemplars as well as modelling writing. 

What I was envisioning was a variety of modeled lessons, with no immediate follow through. After reading this chapter, things are so much clearer. I also realized that I can continue to do a lot of things that I am already doing. 

Here is an example of the success criteria that we created for letter writing.

We deconstructed  a letter using the success criteria that we co-created.

Students deconstructed their own writing with a partner to create class exemplars.

This is an example of a shared letter that the class wrote. We used a checklist to make sure that we had all of the success criteria.

To take a closer look at my "Writing Friendly Letters with Learning Goals and Success Criteria", click on the picture. 

To see my other writing products with Learning Goals and Success Criteria click HERE.

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  1. I love your charts and success criteria! My brain is spinning with ideas to implement this with older students.

    1. Thanks so much Kelly. I've used the same idea with junior grades it works perfectly. Sometime with the juniors we just use stickies and they write down the success criteria....less labour intensive. :)

  2. I love the arrows that your class used to deconstruct a letter using the success criteria...how awesome is that idea! I'll be pinning it for later. I'm glad that your questions have been cleared up about having the writing at the end of the block...but I was also thinking, is there any reason why some days you couldn't do the writing block first and the reading block last? If that works better for you?
    Thinking of Teaching