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Sunday, November 23, 2014

All I Want for Black Friday

Is anyone getting excited for Black Friday? Being from CanadaI have never experienced a Black Friday sale. But I've heard stories. :) My friends from The Primary Pack are hosting the "All I Want for Black Friday Wishlist" Linky Party and Giveaway!

There are so many things on my wishlist, but these are some that I have to have!

  1. Light up the Holidays by Jennifer Reynolds of Stories and Songs in Second. Jennifer's writing prompts are fantastic. The paper is super cute too!
  2. I Spy CVC Words Through the Year by A Teachable Teacher. Who doesn't love a bundle and I Spy? My students love i Spy books and Where's Waldo. I think they will flip for these activity. So much fun!
  3. E.L.A 1st Grade Interactive Lanuage Notebook by Sassy Savvy Simple Teaching. I was part of book study with Dianna this summer and I fell in love with her products! My firsties will love this too!
  4. iPad Rules for School by A New Box of Crayons. Once again this year I am the computer contact. We have been getting more and more iPads, posted rules are a great idea! I also love how this package can be edited!
  5. Penguin Bundle by LittleRed. Not only is this store Canadian and I love their clip art but their units are amazing too. I can't wait to get my hands on their Tacky the Penguin story study. I usually start off the new year with Penguins so this will fit in perfectly!
  6. Winter Buddies by Krista Wallden. I have a clip art addiction and I love Krista's adorable buddies!
  7. Winter Backgrounds by Educlips. Look at these amazing backgrounds! I love them! So much fun!

Check out some of the most wishlisted items in my store, Emmy Mac Shop! My wishlisted items will be 20% from the 28th to the 30th! 

  1. Problem Solving Strategies: Animal Themed  I absolutely love this product! I adore how it came up. This product is full of problem solving strategies. Each strategy has an animal, i.e. Building Beaver (Using a Model) or Funky Monkey (Act it Out). The animals make it easier for my students to remember the different strategies
  2. Writing Friendly Letters with Learning Goals and Success Criteria  This product has everything you need for your letter writing unit: anchor chart ideas, arrows for self and peer assessment, check lists, templates, learning goals and success criteria and much more.
  3. Writing Personal Recounts Are your students working on writing personal recounts or adding details to their writing? Then this product is for you. Everything you need is included: Learning goals, success criteria, check lists, arrows for peer and self assessment, the "5 W" posters, writing rainbow for goal setting and much, much more.
  4. "Suit Up" Santa: A Sight Word Game Your students will love this game. Poor Santa is in his underwear. Students need to dress Santa by reading words. Your kiddos will have so much fun playing this game!
  5. Trim the Tree: A Sight Word Game This is another holiday sight word game that your students are sure to love. Students decorate a Christmas tree by reading sight words. This game is sure to be a hit. It's great for students to play during word work.

Drumroll please.... Check out this HUGE giveaway package you can win by entering below! There is a resource from almost everyone in The Primary Pack, perfect for all primary grades!! Good luck, friends and happy shopping!

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Now It's Your Turn To Join The Fun! 

Just a few rules to follow and your on your way:

1. Download the images above!

2. Add your favorite sellers products in your TpT cart to the "My Black Friday Wishlist"

3. Add your own products to the "For Your Black Friday Wishlist"

4. Link up below to share your Black Friday Wishlists!

5. Don't forget to enter our fabulous giveaway above AND visit others linked up below!

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Saturday, November 15, 2014

You Oughta Know: November Edition

I am so excited for Jasmine's "You Oughta Know" Blog Hop! This is absolutely one of my favourite Linkys. I'm so happy that I was invited to participate, even though my post is super late!!! Ahhhhhh!!!!

So my You Oughta Know is a little out of date, but I wanted to post it before I forgot about it, because this idea is beyond brilliant.

November 11th, was Remembrance Day. In Canada, we wear poppies to as a show of support to our veterans and those who lost their lives in service to our country. The students proudly wear their poppies but they always fall off. The poppies are attached by a straight pin, but they always slide off. We have tried getting them to stay on using tape on the end. In the past few year the students have been given sticker poppies which are great. 

A few weeks ago, one of my teaching partners' Firsties shared with her a poppy that she had made at Sparks. So I cannot take credit for this idea at all. But, I wanted to share it with you. 

To make these poppies you will need two pieces of felt. A circle tracer and a poppy tracers, a button, half of a pipe cleaner and a safety pin.

First, use a black marker to trace around the tracers. You will need a circle and a poppy. Cut two small slits in the centre of both pieces.

Then, string the pipe cleaner through the button and fold it in half.

Next, insert the pipe cleaner through the two pieces of felt. You can leave the pipe cleaner long or wrap around at the back. Attach a safety pin and you are done!

The best part is that the poppies won't fall off!!!

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Saturday, November 8, 2014

Stop, Swap and Giveaway!!!!

I am linking up today with Melissa from Jungle Learners to bring you "Stop, Swap & Roll".
Jungle Learners

I was super excited to be paired up with Anna from Gluesticks N GigglesI had such a hard time picking a product from her store, because her work is so cute! One of my favourite items in her store is her "In A Snap" no prep activities. We used her October Edition.

My students had so much fun with these activities. There was so much included in this set. Each set includes Language and Math print and go activities based on the monthly themes. For October there was Fire Safety, Fall/Autumn, Pumpkins, and Halloween!
Take a look at some of her October Activities in action. My Firsties loved them! They were so engaged and they were super easy for me to get organized! I love things that make my life easier.

Language Activities

Math Activities

Anna was super sweet to offer up her October In a Snap set as well as November In a Snap  Edition, so you won't have wait until next year to use it!!!!

Enter the giveaway below.

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Don't forget to hop over to Anna's page and see what she thinks of one of my favourite games "Breakfast Bonanaza"! It's so much fun!

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Friday, November 7, 2014

Remembrance Day - Lest We Forget

I find Remembrance Day a tricky topic to address with my little first graders. They have a hard time connecting to and understanding the topic. War is also a very scary idea for many of them.

Here are a few of the books that I use every year to help my Firsties understand why we have Remembrance Day. 

"A Poppy Is to Remember" by Heather Patterson explains why we have Remembrance Day and what the poppy represents. It has simple text and lots of pictures.

"Playing War" by Kathy Beckwith is an amazing story. It really brings to light the fact that not all children get to grow up in peace like we do. In the story a group of children are playing war using sticks as guns and pine cones as bombs. A new child to the neighbourhood hesitates to play, but when he does, he picks up one pine cone (bomb). When another boy asks him why he only has one, he tells him that he only needs one. He then explains what war was like where he used to live.

I also use a number of different poems. They can be found on this great website put out by the government of Manitoba. Click HERE to take a closer look. 

This is the poem that we are presenting at our Remembrance Day Assembly this year.

We also painted landscapes of Flanders Fields. I was inspired by Art Room with a View's: Poppy Fields. Click HERE to see the pin.

The students were really excited about this activity. It involved a lot of steps, but they were so happy with their final products. Although we are still learning to use water colours properly, their landscapes are amazing!

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Saturday, November 1, 2014

Holidays Around the Blog : Diwali

Thanks to Amy from Learning Lessons With Mrs Labrasciano for hosting the Holidays Around the Blog Linky! 

Last week on October 24th a few of my students celebrated Diwali. They were really excited to talk about how they celebrate Diwali. 

We watched this great video by National Geographic.

The students thought that the Rangoli's were amazing. So we decided to make our own.

I scooped up some sand from the sand table and we mashed coloured chalk into the sand to colour the sand. One of my teaching partners used a a few drops of food colouring and got a nice bright colour! Next time I will use food colouring. It will save my arms from all of the hammering!

We found some great Ranogli colouring pages from Activity Village. Click HERE

The students spread a small amount of white glue on their page a section at a time.

Then, they carefully spread the coloured sand on top.

They worked and worked and worked on these. They were so engaged.

This was a very messy activity. But the students were so proud of their Rangoli.

Hop back over to Learning Lessons with Mrs Labrasciano blog to check out pther "Holidays Around the Blog".

Thanks for stopping by!

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