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Monday, February 1, 2016

Winter Blog Hop and Giveaway!!!

I am so thrilled to linking up with Mrs D's Corner to bring you this great Winter Fun Blog Hop and Giveaway. Some of my favourite bloggers have put together an amazing Winter e-book just for you and we are giving away an amazing prize!!!!

A number of people have been asking for this so I thought I would share with you how I teach my favourite winter art activity to  my firsties. Every year, we do a bunch of snowmen art activities. Since I am not the most amazing art teacher in the world, Pinterest has become my best friend. When I came across this great pin I knew I had to do this activity with my kiddos, but no matter how hard I looked I couldn't find instructions.

 So, I thought I would share with you how I did this activity with my class. Just remember I haven't taken an art class since Grade 8. :) Which was a really long, long time ago. 

What you will need:
  • oil pastels
  • black construction paper cut in half
  • paper towel for smudging
 The first time I attempted this lesson I told the students to draw a big snowman. As you can guess I got teeny tiny little snowmen or giant snowmen that just wouldn't work. So we tried again and went through step by step.

Step 1:  Make a fist near the bottom of the the page and draw a large circle around your fist.

Step 2:  Make a fist again, this time make your circle closer to your hand.

Step 3: Draw another circle for the head.

Step 4:  Trace over your circles with dark blue pastel.

Step 5: Make a circle with light blue on the inside of the circle, beside the dark blue. I know in the sample picture they just did the blue on, one side of the picture, but my students went all the way around the circles so we just went with it.

Step 6: Scribble in the white snow of the snowman. My kiddos were so excited to be allowed to scribble!

Step 7: Smudge the blues into the white. Try to encourage your students to smudge more on one side than the other.

Step 8: Add a hat in dark blue. Use a white pastel to create some shading. You can also add some snow to the hat. See the next picture. 

Step 9: Add add the details; eyes, nose, mouth and buttons.

Step 10: Add stick arms using two colours. Be careful that your students don't go all the way around the the dark brown.

Step 11: Scribble with white at the bottom. You can add a little brown and smudged to make the snow on the ground. Add some snowflakes and you are DONE!!!!

I also experimented with using black instead of the dark blue and adding scarves to the snowmen. 

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Thanks for stopping by! I hope you have a wonderful winter!

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