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Sunday, January 7, 2018

The 4th Annual Great Canadian Valentine Swap

Pardon the mess of my blog. It's a work in progress.

It's that time again! It's time for the 4th Annual Great Canadian Valentine Swap. The 2018 edition! Last year we had over 255 classes from across Canada participate. I'm hoping that this year will be even bigger and better!

 Julie from Plaisirs du primaire and I  have joined forces again this year to bring you a FRENCH version of the same great swap! All the same rules apply. More info will be posted soon about the French swap.

What is a Valentine Swap? 
It is a way for K-6 classes to connect with other classes from across Canada and to learn about their communities. Each class will be responsible for making and decorating 20 valentines. Please, no store bought cards. Classes are encouraged to write a letter describing their community and school. You can photocopy the letter to save time, especially for younger grades.

If you are looking for Valentine art ideas ideas make sure you check out my Pinterest Board.

These are the cards that my grade one class made two years ago.

 A coworker made these adorable bees with her grade ones.

By Friday, February 2nd, you will need to mail one of your 20 Valentines to 20 different classes from around Canada. Then, keep your eyes on the mail! I can't wait to see how excited my kiddos are to get their Valentines from around Canada this year! 

PLEASE NOTE: You are sending 1 Valentine to each class. You will receive 20 different Valentines in return.

We mapped where our Valentines came from last year. (Yes I know my map is super old and no longer correct.) We also looked up the different communities on Google Earth. 

Here are some other displays.

Sign Up Information

Sign ups will be open until January 11th or until the maximum number of participants has been reached. 

Inscrivez-vous ici pour recevoir des valentins en fran├žais. COMING SOON!

By Signing up, you are committing to:
  • making 20 valentines with your class
  • mailing all of the valentines by Friday, February 2nd, 2017
  • paying for the postage
More details will be sent out the week of January 12, but you can start making your Valentines right away if you want. If you have any questions please comment below or email me before signing up.