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Thanks for stopping by and getting to know me a little better.

Hubby and me on our 10th Anniversary
My name is Emily MacGillivary. I'm a first grade teacher from Ontario, Canada. I have been married to my husband Adam for 10 years. We have three beautiful daughters. Anna is in grade two, Lizzy is in Senior Kindergarten and my step-daughter Ally is in grade 10. They sure make life interesting! From weekend snuggles on the couch watching Scooby Do, to skating, dance and violin lessons, to trips to the Emergency Room, because someone shoved a bead up their nose, life is never dull. 


Ally and Lizzy playing around

I have been teaching for over 10 years now. I began my teaching career teaching everything! Well it seemed like everything at the time. My first contract job was only a 0.78 FTE. I taught Grade 7 and 8 art, Grade 5 social studies and science, as well as Grade 5 and 6 Special Education. Oh the things we do to get a job. I learned a lot of things that year. First, it takes a special person to teach intermediate students, and I was not one of those special people. I learned that I have a soft spot for those students that need special education support. I enjoyed working with them, figuring out different ways that I could teach them to help them learn. I learned that I loved working with junior (grade 4-6 students). I also figured out that I wanted my own classroom. I didn't feel that I could give my all to my students when I was spread out all over the place.

For the next 5 years, I taught Grades 4 or 5, or a combination of those grades. I really enjoyed my time in the junior classroom. After my second maternity leave, I felt that I needed a change from teaching junior students and I accepted a position teaching in a Grade 1 and 2 split class. I have to admit, at first I hated it (maybe that made me an awful teacher). But I am the first to admit, I didn't understand the first grade learner. "What do you mean you don't know what it looks like to stand in a line...what an "A" looks like...what number comes after 12?", "No, 1+1 is not 3." "No, it's not time to play...eat lunch...go home." But as time went by, they began to grow on me. To watch a student, who couldn't read a word in September, leave in June reading at or above grade level was a thrill. Every time they lose a tooth, or share a story, or learn something new, the wonder and excitement in their eyes makes me realize the importance of my job. I have now been teaching Grade 1 for five years, I go to work everyday thinking and believing that "Grade 1 is Fun!"

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