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Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Blogs We Admire Clues #1 and #2

I have teamed up with Amanda from The Primary Gal again this month to bring you "The Blogs We Admire." I got to pick a blogger that I admire and review one of their products without them knowing. As soon as Amanda announced her idea I knew which blogger I had to pick. I've been ADMIRING this blogger's creativity since she first started blogging! Oh no, I gave you hint already! LOL.

Each day this week (Tuesday-Friday) I will give you a clue. Each clue will help you guess which talented blogger I admire most. I'm already a little behind as you can probably tell...so today is a double header. Two clues for the "price" of one!

If you guess the blogger that I admire most, you can choose a product from my store which costs $3 or less.  You can only guess once a day.  Your guess must be made in the comments below the clue.  On Saturday, when the blogger is revealed, every person that correctly guessed the Blogger that I Admire, can choose their free product.  EVERY person with the correct answer wins!!

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  1. Is it Amanda from The Primary Gal?
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