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Sunday, May 4, 2014

May the 4th Be With You

Devon from Teach with Fergy had the brilliant idea of having a "May the 4th Be With You Sale." So of course the amazing Amanda from The Primary Girl ran with it. Man that girl is organized. So here we go the May the 4th Sale starts now! My Top 4 products will be on sale, 20% to 30% off.  

 We are currently learning to tell time to the o'clock and the half hour, Ontario grade 1 curriculum. My students love this game. It is super easy to differentiate, pick which times your want your students to work on (:00, :30, :15, :45). Players put the analog clocks on the floor. One player is the caller. The caller calls out a number, the rest of the players race to find the correct clock first. The player with the most cards at the end of the game is the winner.
Hunting for the correct clock.
Found it!

This is by far my favourite writing unit for my students. I have found that once we have worked through this unit that the quality of my students' writing has improved exponentially. Everything is included in this unit. Learning Goals, Success Criteria, posters, anchor charts, arrows for peer assessment, checklists for self assessment and all kinds of writing paper for different levels of writers.

Writing Rainbow: Goal Setting

Included in this set is a writing goal setting kit.We used page proctectors that we attached to the poster with clear packing tape. Leave the top of the page protector open so that you can put new examples in. Since writing in grade 1 and 2 changes so quickly throughout the year, we change the writing samples, so we are displaying a clearer example of what the students' writing should "look" like. I conference with each of my students and we come up with a goal together. 
Writing Rainbow for Goal Setting
They then clip their name to their goal on our large writing rainbow. 

We attach the same goal to their writing folder along with any words that the student has difficulty spelling.
If you like the writing folder covers click HERE for a free sample. Boy and girls covers are included.

Canadian First Grade Teachers: This is item is like finding pirate treasure! I absolutely love this unit! Meet Pirate Penny, Captian Nick L., Davey Dime, Carrie Quarter, Loonie Lou, and Toonie Bird. This merry band of pirates love money! This unit includes: posters, sorting placemats, worksheets, word problems, ideas for a class store and 8 money games that your students will beg to play. 
Pirate Slap It!

Pirate Flip and Cover

Pirate Bump

Even though we completed our money unit in January, my students still ask to play these games when they have free time math games. I am currently working on an American coin version of the unit.

Have your students played a bump game yet? My students absolutely adore bump. If they have a choice bump and slap it games would definitely tie.  In time bump, students read the digital time and then find the matching analog clock.

Six different game boards are included in this set.There is a game board for o'clock, half past, o'clock and half past together, quarter after, quarter to and quarter after and quarter to together.

To check out more TPT shops that are taking part in this sale, check the linkup below!

Thanks for stopping by! Remember this is a one day only sale! Get it while you can. Click HERE or on the picture to go to my store.

Happy Shopping!
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