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Saturday, May 24, 2014

Who do I admire? Part 2

I have hooked up with Amanda from The Primary Gal to bring you "The Bloggers We Admire." This is by far my favourite link up! It is so much fun! This is how it works. I picked a blogger whom I admire (which was incredibly hard since there are sooooo many amazing bloggers out there). Then the even harder part was to pick a product from his/her store. I was so lucky because the blogger that I admire allowed me to use TWO of her products in my classroom. I then had the opportunity to use her product in my classroom and show you how great her work is in action. The best part is that she has no idea that I picked her!

I know...I know. Enough talking Emily (Oh man, you can tell I'm excited when I start talking to myself). Who is the blogger that I admire? Well here are the clues....

 Did you figure it out? The blogger that I admire is no other than Stephany Dillon from Primary Possibilities! If you haven't found Stephany's blog check it out. You won't be disappointed.

Primary Possibilities

My grade 1's have been working really hard on learning to tell time to the hour and the half hour. Some of them are flying through this; others are struggling a little bit. We've been using a lot of games from my store to help them practice. Click HERE to check out some of my time games. But I was looking for more practice, so I was super excited when Stephany allowed me to use two of her time sets! Let's just say my students are in love with these activities.

I'm sorry I can't save the best for last. I am so excited about this centre and so were my kids. They couldn't wait to get a chance to go to this centre. Click HERE or on the picture to find it in her store.

Stephany has a lot of hands on activities in her store. This is one activity that I have been eyeing for a while. How fun is this? Students use Play Doh or Plasticine to make the hands on the clock. 

This activity really made my students think about the difference between the hour hand and the minute hands, as well as the proper placement of the hour hand.

It's Time for Math is filled with  different opportunities for students to practice telling time in a variety of different situations. Click HERE or on the picture to find it in her store.

A. Time to Match
In this centre, students match the analog clock to the digital clock. 

Some of the more advanced students played memory and go fish with the cards.

B. True to Time
In this centre, students  decided whether the digital time and the analog time were "true or false". 

The students loved seeing if they could find the ones that had the mistakes on them. 

C. Time of Day
In this centre, students placed the cards depending on whether the action would be completed in the am or the pm.

D. Time Bump
Bump is one of my students favourite games. We have bump games of all kinds in our classroom.

I like how Stephany put the o'clocks in yellow and the half pasts in blue. It made it much easier for my students. 

To allow some of  my struggling time readers a chance to be successful at this game, I gave them the o'clock cards only.

Not only was Stephany amazingly kind enough to allow me to use both of these products in my classroom, she created a freebie just for you! 

Click HERE to access the freebie!

Click HERE to check out more great items in Stephany's store.

Check out my Secret Admirer blog post below!

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