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Sunday, August 10, 2014

Falling in Love...Chapter 6

It's hard to believe that we are almost done this book study. It has just flown by! Next week will be our last post, and we are looking into some fun things to celebrate! 

Chapter 6 is called, "The Family Tree: Close Reading Across the Texts." This is my favourite chapter! Things are really making sense for me. We are using all the skills that we have taught our students throughout and they are now carrying it over to other texts. Basically they are making connections!!!!

I think First graders are awesome at making "surface" connections. I don't know how many times we will be reading a story, and I'll see my students connect their forefingers (our sign for a connection.) 

We describe the connections in 4 different ways. Text to Text (book to book), Text to Self (book to a personal experience), Text to World (book to a real event) and Text to Media (book to movie, T.V. show etc.). 

I find that sometimes students need help making a more in depth connection. They get the idea of the pattern, but have a hard time connecting things. My oldest daughter Anna, was in grade 2 last year. She read a book about a little girl who went to South America. Her connection was, "It reminds me of the time we went to South America." We have never been to South America!!! Which makes me wonder is my daughter a liar. I'd like to think she isn't, so that makes me think that she's recognize the pattern of a connection, but is not using a lens to help focus her thinking. Maybe with more explicit teaching she will be able to compare characters, themes, or even the setting. 

My goal this year is to teach my students the skills they need to make great, in depth and thoughtful connections.

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