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Saturday, August 2, 2014

Diggin' into Technology


I'm linking back up with Laura for the Diggin' into next year blog hop! I can't believe how quickly the summer is flying by! It's August already!!!! Our BIG GIVEAWAY will be taking place on August 11th!!!! And I mean BIG GIVEAWAY!!!! You won't want to miss this one!! More information, plus a sneak peek at the prizes at the end of this post!

Today I'm digging into the way I integrate technology in my classroom. This was the one topic that I was really excited about. I am the computer contact in my school so technology integration is something that I think I do really well.

I am super lucky to have a SMARTboard in my classroom, that I absolutely love. It is a huge amount of work to get the lessons set up, but I really feel it is worth it. The engagement of my students increases greatly.

I use the SMARTboard every morning for  our calendar routine. The students love getting an opportunity to use the SMARTboard. 

My school is also lucky enough to have a fair number of iPads that teachers can sign out. We use them for all sorts of things: 
  • listening centres, using tumblebooks
  • educreations to retell stories and explain how they built a structure
  • toontastic is great for story telling
  • QR code readers - these have to be my favourite. It such a great way to engage and give students immediate feedback. They answer a question, scan the code and see if they are right.

QR code readers are also great for taking students 
automatically to a website! Here are some examples of my students using QR codes to check their work.

I'm not going to make a ton of changes but I want to try my hand at Evernote. It seems like an amazing tool for documentation and assessment.

Don't forget to stop by Laura's blog and see how my blogging buddies use technology.

So I'm super excited to let you know about the "Diggin' Series" giveaway that will be happening soon!

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  1. I love my SMART Board sooooooo much! Did you make your own calendar program?
    Grade 4 Buzz