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Friday, October 17, 2014

How We Celebrate Halloween!

Welcome to the Halloween Blog Hop. I am thrilled to linking up with some of my favourite bloggy friends! We decided to focus our blog posts on "How We Celebrate Halloween" in our classrooms. 

I teach in a very multicultural school and I have many students that do not celebrate Halloween. So we try to keep it low key and still have fun at the same time. Halloween Day is always a spirit day at my school. Students are encouraged to wear black and orange or to wear a costume.

We usually have an assembly and our kindie friends do a parade through our classrooms. We have a small party in the afternoon, where students can sample our WITCH'S BREW. 

WITCH'S BREW is super easy to make. I ask that each child bring in a drink of some kind (i.e. pop, juice, water). Then we take turns dumping the drinks into our witches cauldron and then we mix them up. It always amazes me how much they love it! Personally I think it's pretty GROSS!!!

 Because I have so many students that don't celebrate  Halloween, I do a variety of monster activities throughout the weeks leading up to Halloween.  

One of our favourite monster books is "Go Away Big Green Monster" by Ed Emberley. We then make our own Big ______ Monster books. They are a little tricky to make, but, they always turn out really cute and the kids have a blast making them.

Another favourite activity is our Monster Math Centres.

These Monster Math Centres cover six different areas: patterning, sorting, counting, addition, measurement and geometry. Each centre has a fun Monster name, i.e. GeoMonster, Monster Sorts, Monster Parts.

 Everything you need is included in this pack. Tracking sheets, Centre Signs, Name Tags, and instructions. Take a look at some of the activities in this pack.

Thanks for stopping by and checking out what I do to celebrate Halloween in my classroom! Click HERE or on the picture to get a free sample of my Monster Math Centres. I'd love for you to leave feedback and to follow me on TPT.

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  1. I don't think I could bring myself to try the witches' brew! Your kids are brave!

  2. Love the monster activities! It is so important to be sensitive to family beliefs and practices, but they are a fun way to incorporate some of the spirit of the holiday!

  3. Your centers look awesome. I love the little monsters.
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