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Saturday, January 31, 2015

Stop, Swap and Roll with A Spoonful of Learning

I am happy to be linking up with Melissa from Jungle Learners to bring you another edition of Stop, Swap and Roll! I had the pleasure of linking up with Melissa back in November. Click HERE to check out my post.

This month I was super excited to get to swap with Jaime from A Spoonful of Learning.

She had the perfect product for me in her store! This month we have been reading a variety of books about Snowmen. And guess what???? She has the perfect unit in her store! 

I only wish that I had found her unit before I started my snowman unit because it has so much in it! I couldn't use all of it in the two weeks that I had to complete use it. Look at all the activities that are included in the set.

MATH Activities:
Decomposing Numbers with Snowmen Buttons Mats
Decomposing Numbers on a Snowman & Recording Book 
Shake & Spill Decomposing Numbers Game & Book
Snowman Addition Mats & Practice
Snowman Addition Book
Snowman Buttons Math Addition Mini Reader
Snowman Family Addition Mini Book
Snowman Hat Addition Match

Snowman Melt! Game
Snowmen At Night Prediction Anchor Chart
Snowmen At Night Text To Self Connection
Snowmen At Night What Would You Do At Night? Writing
Snowmen At Night Story Organizer
Snowmen At Night Student Story Writing Book
Snowmen All Year Anchor Chart
Snowmen All Year Writing: What Would You Do?
Snowmen All Year Story Organizer
Snowmen All Year Student Writing 3D Book
Comparing Snowmen At Night and Snowmen All Year Venn Diagram Anchor Chart
Comparing Snowmen At Night and Snowmen All Year Activities
Snowmen Beginning Sounds
Snowmen CVC Flip Up

My students really enjoyed these activities. Take a closer look at her amazing unit in action.

Snowmen CVC Flip UP
My student loved gluing the bellies and on the snowmen to make their own lift the flap book!

Snowmen Beginning Sounds
This is a quick and fast activity. Great to do when you don't have a lot of time.

Snowmen All Year: 3D Book
These books were a huge hit in my class. They absolutely loved this activity and they were sooooooo engaged and super excited when we put the books together.
The kids really wanted to add a title page to their book.

Isn't our snowmen class adorable????

Here are some of the Math Activities included in this unit.

Shake & Spill Decomposing Numbers Game & Book 

Snowman Addition Book 

Snowman Buttons Math Addition Mini Reader

Snowman Family Addition Mini Book

This was my students' favourite math activity. They thought it was hilarious to make their family as snowmen. I also loved how easy it was to differentiate.

 Make sure you stop by Jaime's blog to see which of my products she tried out.

Make sure you enter to win this amazing product! You won't be disappointed if you win!!!!!

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  1. I really enjoyed reading your post! I am so glad your students enjoyed the unit! I love the covers on the 3D Snowman Books! :) Thank you so much for including my unit in to your week! I loved all the pictures and seeing everything come together in another class! By the way... I can't wait to check out your Valentine Set of the ten frame games! :)

    A Spoonful of Learning

  2. Very fun and creative product. It seems like your students enjoyed it too. Nice blog post!

  3. What a fabulous post! I'm in love with everything in this pack and just added it to my wishlist. I entered your giveaway too and will keep my fingers crossed! Thanks for joining the swap!

    Jungle Learners