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Tuesday, June 3, 2014

100 Minutes: Chapter 1

 I am involved with two book studies this summer. However, it's not quite summer break for me yet. We go until the 27th of June!!!! I'm so jealous of those teachers that had their last day of school on Friday. The first book study is hosted by Amanda from The Primary Gal. We are reading "Guided Math" by Lanney Simmons. This book study is hosted by Beth from Thinking of Teaching. We are reading "100 Minutes: Making Every Minute Count in the Literacy Block." by Lisa Donohue. I am about three chapters behind so over the next couple of days I plan to push myself to get caught up. Ahhhhhhh! I never get behind. 

I chose to participate in this book study because I'm always looking at ways to improve my literacy block. I have experimented with the Daily Five and somethings worked really well; other things not so much. So this book kind of excited me. I'm hoping it will give me a little bit of a spin on the Daily Five so it will work in my classroom. 

I like how Lisa has three main components: explicit teaching, guided learning and independent work. I have found over the last couple of years that I have moved away from whole group instruction, yet both of the book studies that I am in are suggesting that whole group instruction is key.

I really liked how Lisa believes that students need choice in their learning. This is key in my philosophy of education. I participated in a series of workshops based on play based learning and inquiry in the primary grades. We observed that students were more interested and engaged in writing when they had an opportunity to choose their activities.

I also believe that technology shouldn't be taught separately. I am the computer contact for our school and I'm always looking for ways to integrate technology, especially iPads into my classroom.

Although, I'm just getting started on this book I do have some questions. 

  • Lisa believes that choice is important. However, her framework is set up so that the students complete two activities. If the students want to move on to the next activity, do they have to wait until the half way point?
  • Are there a variety of activities for students to choose from, for example, in independent reading?
  • How do you monitor students during the independent work period?
  • Does Lisa allow students time to share what they were working on? My students love to share and it has been an amazing spring board for other students.
I'm wondering about the design of the program. The writing lesson is taught at the end of the literacy block. So I'm concerned that students might not remember the lesson if there isn't any consolidation until the next day.

If you are reading along in the book study feel free to add your thoughts to the link up or comment below. 

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1 comment :

  1. Emily,
    Thanks for posting and don't worry at all about being behind....the links will be open for a long time.
    I really like the questions that you've asked and look forward to seeing if you find your answers and the thoughts you have on the other chapters.
    Thinking of Teaching