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Thursday, July 24, 2014

Guided Math: Chapter 9

It’s hard to believe that we have made it to the end of our book study. This book has quickly become one my favourite resources.

I think the timing of this book study was perfect. It allowed me to reflect and plan over the summer and introduce the Guided Math Framework for my new group of kids starting in September.

There are two main things that I am going to implement this year. The first is the idea of starting with the math warm up. I love this idea! I plan to get at least the first two months of warm ups planned so I can see how it goes and I’m prepared. I think that the big issue with the Guided Math Framework is the amount of planning it takes. But, at the same time once the planning is done I’m sure next year won’t require nearly as much planning. Along with the Math Warm up I want to rethink my calendar routine. I find that it becomes so automatic that we tend to just go through the motions. I really want to add some life (math) into my calendar routine. I want to mix it up and make it interesting. Not just something we have to do every day.

Obviously, the big thing I want to implement is the idea of Guided Math, i.e. moving beyond the occasional conference with my students; to really get into what my students need to progress and to move them forward.
The one thing that I want to improve on is my tracking and recording of assessment. I need to force myself to document more than I am doing now.

I am super lucky to teach in a school with over 750 kids, which means that we have 4 grade one classes. We are an amazing team! I feel lucky every day that I get to work these great ladies. My teaching partner decided to read this book over the summer as well, so during our common planning times we can discuss how things are working in our classrooms.

I also have an amazing online resource! My blogging book study friends are there and I know that I can ask them anything!

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