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Monday, June 2, 2014

June Currently

1 am super excited to be linking up with Farley from "Oh Boy Fourth Grade"

I'm finally starting to feel like I'm getting this blogging things figured out. I have been following Farley for a while now and I love to check out who has linked up. This is my first time linking up. So here we go!

Listening: I'm currently listening to two of my three cats purring in my ear. While listening to the birds chirp happily since my husband just filled the feeder. I'm enjoying a couple of quiet minutes before heading to day care to pick up my girls. Does anyone else do this? I used to feel bad, that I left them at day care a little longer. But I've realized that if I give myself a little down time before picking them up, I have a lot more energy and patience for them.

Loving: I'm loving the heat. I live in Southwestern Ontario and we are finally getting a bit of a heat wave. It's about 30 degrees Celsius right now. After a winter of minus 40 degree days, I'm ready for some heat and some sun. 

Thinking: I should really be working on report cards. We are still in school until the 27th of June. But those pesky report cards are due fairly soon. I should work on them but I'd rather not. Oh the joy of being a procrastinator. :)

Wanting: I am wanting summer vacation to come soon! We've had a long school year. My school was under construction last summer and was suppose to be done by September but of course it wasn't. We didn't have a gym until  February and it was a loooooong winter.

Needing: I'm needing to take some time for myself. We have been so busy lately with dance, tennis, soccer, violin, birthday parties and dance recitals that I feel like I never stop. I'm looking forward to dance being done so that at least one night won't be so busy.

Summer Bucket List: 
1. I am looking forward to spending sometime at the cottage. My girls and I usually go up for a couple of weeks while the poor hubby works (he joins us on the weekend). It's great to have family to help with the girls, especially their favourite Aunt Kitty (my sister Caileigh).
2. Poor little Anna has been trying to ride her bike without training wheels, but we never seem to have the time. My goal is to have riding by the end of the summer. Anyone have any tricks or tips?
3. We love the beach! I can't wait to spend sometime there!

Thanks for stopping by!
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  1. Saw you on Farley...what a cute blog! Glad you're getting some heat :)
    Tales of Teaching in Heels

  2. Good for you for joining the fun! Good idea about getting rid of the training wheels, I'll have to check back to see what works for you. My lil' one is 6 :)
    First Grade Dual

  3. Hope you get some time to relax this summer! Enjoy the end of the school year!

    Down the Learning Road

  4. It was hot in Southeastern Ontario too! Our class is on the third floor! Way too hot up there.
    Grade 4 Buzz